Private Labeling and Custom Packaging

Produce that You Will Be Proud to Put
Your Name On.

The private label and custom packaging services of Procacci Brothers will provide you with the products that best suit your needs. Our state-of-the-art processing equipment efficiently re-packages and labels produce into today’s most popular styles. Grading, sizing, and our innovative packaging helps eliminate shrink and reduces back room labor costs to maximize your profitability.

Custom Packaging

Private labeling and packaging allows you to market consistent top quality fruits and vegetables with your own label for optimum brand recognition—and brand loyalty.

Produce from Procacci Brothers is the freshest, premium quality and best tasting you can find. We proudly put our name and reputation on it—and so can you.


Your label on our produce builds customer satisfaction-and profits

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Our Custom Packaging & Your Label:

PLU Tomato