With evolving population demographics and diversity in the marketplace, it’s more important than ever to expand your offerings and grow your business to cater to your diverse group of customers. Procacci Brothers is a direct importer, handler, and repacker of various ethnic and tropical fruits and vegetables with a team of experts combining for over 50 years of experience in the category. Our long-standing relationships and global network of growers allows us to provide these products year-round with a variety of options and consistent quality to build your program today.
Tropical Produce
Much of what we call ‘Tropical Produce’ is consumed by people from the Caribbean, West African, as well as various Hispanic cultures. While these cooking styles may differ, these products are used by all. We continuously visit the growing regions of our partners to make sure we only bring in the best quality product. Procacci Brothers’ FELIZ® line of tropical produce is sourced from the freshest growing regions throughout the entire course of the year. While these items are traditional in many Hispanic cuisines, they present a growing and exciting new category of fresh flavor that’s being discovered by the masses. FELIZ® tropical vegetables are sure to serve a smile to everyone at the dinner table!
Mexican Produce
This is one of the fastest growing categories in the produce department. Our produce comes from traditional growing areas in Southern Mexico. Our product line includes a variety of premium fruits and vegetables, as well as savory herbs, chilis, and spices that make Mexican cuisine so special. We feature cilantro grown at high altitudes, producing a hardy and flavorful herb.
“Garden Heat” Brand Chilis
This value-added commodity is freshly packed to order. Our attractive labeling provides a heat indicator and handling recommendations. This item provides an excellent opportunity to carry an expanded line of fresh chilis and limit exposure to losses. Mix and match from a wide variety to create the pack that works for you.