For over 75 years now, the Procacci family has bridged the gap between California Wine Grape growers and homemade wine makers on the East Coast. Every September, we transform one of our South Philadelphia produce warehouses into a one stop shop for homemade wine makers.

New for 2019, we will be carrying 6 gallon buckets of wine instead of the 5 gallon. More juice per bucket equals more wine per bucket.

Carrying over 30 varieties of wine grapes and wine juice, our main focus is on quality. We carry premium grapes from the best vineyards in California and our wine juice is 100% fresh juice, never made from concentrate.

We also carry a full line of wine making equipment and supplies. No matter your level of expertise, we have you covered.

Hours of Operation

September 1st to Early October

Mon-Fri: 7am-6pm
Sat: 7am-4pm
Sun: 7am-1pm