Some Facts you’ll want to know about food safety at Procacci Brothers:

  • Stringent agricultural & food handling practices are always in force. 
  • Third-party, on-site audits are routinely conducted. 
  • Our experienced labor force receives ongoing food safety training.
  • Our Food Safety plan is proactive and any potential product hazards are anticipated and controlled from product reception through distribution. 

Food Safety is an integral part of our overall objectives. Through technology, we are equipped to immediately trace our products “one-up, one-down” so that we always know both the origin and the destination of all our products. 

Procacci Brothers continues to be a leader in food safety by participating in worldwide efforts to establish guidelines so that every case of produce is traceable – start to finish. 

Anticipating needs and ensuring food safety is the first step in bringing “only the best” to the market. 

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