Our environmentally friendly farming practices help to ensure our future in the farming business. Procacci Brothers prides itself in being sustainable and a good steward of the land we farm.

On the farm, we use our years of organic production experience to implement new techniques into our conventional farming practices. This allows us to rely on a soft chemistry spray program using beneficial insects to attack pests and beneficial microbials to fight plant diseases while reducing fertilizer use, all of which reduces the amounts required which in turn helps the environment.

With high-tech irrigation systems, we can significantly reduce the amount of water used to grow crops. 

Soil fertility is important to us as we strive to control pests, weeds, and diseases. Our organic and conventional growing practices incorporate the use to cover crops, improved cultivating practices, beneficial organisms, soil testing, crop yield comparisons, and crop rotation.

Our packing house reduces energy consumption by using LED light fixtures, auto sliding doors for our coolers, and newly innovated machinery that cuts back on energy requirements. We use blowers to separate the plant material from the fruit running down the line which greatly reduces water usage. .

Procacci Brothers’ 2-megawatt (10-acre) solar array in Cedarville, New Jersey eliminates almost all of the electrical charges for the packing facility.

drone view of a farm
drone view of a farm

Our high tunnel and protective environment growing structures in all locations help exceed our sustainability initiatives to reduce water and fertilizer inputs while improving yields.

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